What Are the New Orleans Saints Chances of Winning Super Bowl Xliv

Do the New Orleans Saints have any chance of winning Super Bowl XLIV? Can the Saints march on to their first Super Bowl trophy in the history of the franchise?

It is still two weeks away, but the hype is still buzzing for the upcoming Super Bowl XLIV.  The 44th edition of the NFL World Championship Game will be coming to Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami, Florida on Feb. 7, 2010 and it will pitt the AFC Champion Indianapolis Colts against the NFC Champs in the New Orleans Saints.  The Colts have already tasted recent Super Bowl glory but can the Saints have that same elation?  I guess the question that is being brewed is this: What are the chances of the New Orleans Saints winning Super Bowl XLIV?

The New Orleans Saints are coming into Super Bowl XLIV riding on a high note after defeating the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game 31-28 in overtime.  The biggest performer of the game was no doubt Adrian Peterson of the Vikes but you surely can't knock Reggie Bush's two TD's and kick return prowess.  Drew Brees didn't disappoint as he led the team downfield in overtime which led to the memorable Garrett Hartley game winning field goal.  All indications of the team's play in the NFC Title game show that the Saints are ready for Super Bowl XLIV.

The Saints matchup very well with the Indianapolis Colts.  Both have killer offenses have and shown at times during the playoffs and regular season to hold their own on defense.  New Orleans has been far more impressive on offensive though, especially during the playoffs.  If Drew Brees can run the offense to the peakness that he has all season, The Big Easy will have their title.  One big factor is if Darren Sharper and the Saints' defensive backfield will be able to stymie the Colts and Peyton Manning's impressive passing game.  Manning is the prototype ball protector and before it is said and done will be the best QB of all time.  It is all of these intangibles that is going to make Super Bowl XLIV so special.

What are the chances of the New Orleans Saints winning Super Bowl XLIV?  If the Saints' offense is up to the par that they have shown all year, their chances are more than good.  The outcome is going to rely on the defense.  Indianapolis is going to be coming at the defense with the same firepower.  Peyton Manning has already won the title.  He is the reigning NFL MVP.  They are proven.  The biggest factor in the New Orleans Saints winning Super Bowl XLIV is not turning over the ball but executing on offense and shutting down Peyton Manning.  If that happens, the chances of the New Orleans Saints winning Super Bowl XLIV will definitely become reality.


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