Ten of the Best Super Bowl Commercials Ads of the Past Decade

Ten of the best super bowl ads (commercials) of the past decade. While Budwesier, Bud Light, Coke, and Pepsi spend the most money they do not always come away with the most creative or laugh-out-loud ads.

After this Sunday’s Super Bowl another NFL season will have come to a close. For many, it’s been another stressful season of screaming at the TV while glued to a couch, with nothing but a beer in hand, and bag of chips in lap to comfort the loss of his or her favorite team. Still, many of these fans would do anything to watch their team play one more game before the start of next season. Then there's the opposing community.  Those anxious for the end of the NFL season.  

This community is the wives and girlfriends of the devoted diehards.  When the confetti drops and the Vince Lombardi trophy is awarded for the 44th time it might be possible to hear the rejoicing of wives and girlfriends across the country. Not because their favorite team won, but because now, there’s a chance that their significant others will pry themselves from their respective couches to fix the leaky faucets, the squeaky doors, and the drafty windows that have been ignored for the previous twenty weeks.

Basic home maintenance is important and occasionally the Super Bowl, itself is entertaining, but there’s another reason to look forward to these 4-5 hours spent in front of the television: Super Bowl Commercials. Companies with household names spend millions of dollars (recession or not) for their thirty second chance to make you laugh.  Here's a little reminder of why some non-football fans look forward to Super Bowl Sunday.  Below are ten of the best Super Bowl commercials in no particular order.

Reebok – Terry Tate the Office Linebacker

A businessman explains the results of new employee, Terry Tate, sent from Reebok.

Bud Light – Magic Fridge

A man installs a revolving wall to hide his Bud Light from his friends.

EDS – Cat Herders

Cowboys, or should it be catboys describe life as a cat herder.

Fed-Ex – Cavemen

A caveman attempts to send his message via pterodactyl only to see it gobbled up by a T-Rex.

T-Mobile – D-Wade finally gets into Chuck’s Favs

Bridgestone – Screaming Animals

A pesky squirrel causes a car to swerve and a cascade of screams from the car’s passengers and various woodland creatures including a cricket.

Pepsi – Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake goes for a ridiculous ride as a girl sits beside her pool drinking a pepsi.

Garmin – Garmin Man

A man tries to fold his road map exactly the way it came only to see it turn into a hideous map monster. The man morphs into Garmin Man and a hilarious Power Rangers style duel ensues with an even more awesome soundtrack.

7-Up – Slam Dunk

7-Up offers $1,000,000 to anyone who can slam dunk on their mobile hoop.

Hulu – Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin explains what TV will do to your brain and how you can get it from you personal computer using Hulu.com.


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