2010 Alabama Football Mania Begins

The 2010 College football season will be starting soon. Alabama football mania has begun. Looking forward to another winning season.

At the time I checked the countdown clock on Rolltide.com there were 25 days 23 hours 21 minutes and 26 seconds before the kickoff of the beginning of the 2010 season football game for the Alabama Crimson Tide. This year’s starter game will be against San Jose State, and will be televised by ESPN. My family can hardly wait.

We aren’t the only ones that can’t wait for the college football season to begin. There are a lot of Tide football fans who are eagerly looking forward to the start of the season. This will be coach Saban’s 4th season. Since Nick Saban took the head coach position he has given the Alabama football fans a lot to cheer about.  With an SEC football championship and a BCS national football championship the Crimson Tide have returned to their rightful place as the champions they have always been (you are talking to a dyed in the wool Alabama football fan here).

Last Friday, August 6th, was the first day that this season’s whole Alabama football team took to the football field. Alabama Fans will be able to get their first view of this year’s team on the annual Alabama Fan Day this upcoming Sunday. The team will have an open practice session after which the players and coaches will be available for autographs. Unfortunately Mark Ingram, last year’s Heisman Trophy winner, will not be available. He had to return to Michigan for his Grandfather’s funeral.

I wish I lived close enough because I sure would love to go to the Alabama Fan Day. Since I’m going to be in Colorado, there is no possibility for me to attend. It’s probably just as well as I’m sure the Alabama weather will be pretty hot.

I probably won’t be going to any football games this year. First of all I don’t live in Alabama, and secondly I don’t want to spend the money. If I were to try to get tickets they would cost me an arm and a leg. I was checking online, and just for the Penn State game, as an example, the tickets range from $298 up to $1,000 each, and the $298 ticket would be in the nosebleed section. Believe me, if you’ve never been in Bryant Denny Stadium, that’s a long trek. Then it would be another $11.95 to have the tickets sent. That’s on stub hub.

In our younger days we would go and buy tickets from individuals at the stadium. Actually we would go to where the RVs are parked and purchase tickets from people who had extras to sell. I don’t know how successful you would be these days at getting tickets that way.

Nowadays I’d just as soon sit in my comfortable living room in the air conditioning and watch the Alabama football game hassle free on my big screen TV with surround sound. It’s almost like being there, and definitely a lot cheaper.  To all you Alabama Football fans out there all I have to say is ROLL TIDE ROLL.





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